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  3. EU-Turkey migrant deal - Sputnik International turkey eu migrant deal
    On 20 March 2016, a deal between the EU and Turkey deal to tackle the migrant crisis formally came into effect. The agreement was intended to limit the influx of irregular migrants entering the …
    Turkey Sets Ultimatum for EU Migrant Deal
    Turkey has threatened to back out of an agreement to stem the flow of migrants to the European Union if Turkish nationals are not granted visa-free travel to the bloc by October. Europe is trapped
    EU-Turkey migrant deal risks collapse, warns Austria
    The EU-Turkey migrant deal is producing results, European Council President Donald Tusk says, after visiting a camp on the Turkish-Syrian border.
    EU-Turkey migrant deal done | Europe| News and current
    Europe EU migrant deal with Turkey in sight at Brussels summit. Gathered for a make-or-break summit on clinching a migrant deal with Turkey, EU leaders have agreed their position.
    EU, Turkey seal deal to return migrants, but is it legal
    The European migrant crisis or refugee crisis is a term given to a period beginning in 2015 characterized by rising numbers of people arriving in the European Union (EU) from across the Mediterranean Sea or overland through Southeast Europe.
    EU-Turkey migrant deal in peril – POLITICO
    As European governments rapidly turn their attention to the implementation of the EU-Turkey agreement, observers have raised serious questions regarding whether the deal itself is legal, and more importantly, if …
    EU-Turkey migrant deal redundant, rights chief says turkey eu migrant deal
    ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Even before Turkey was thrown into crisis by a coup attempt, its deal with the European Union to stop migration westward was under strain: Turks did not get the visa-free
    The EU-Turkey deal: Europes year of shame | Amnesty turkey eu migrant deal
    The EU deal with Turkey to tackle the migrant crisis formally comes into effect, but Greece warns moves designed to stem the flow across the Aegean will take time.
    EU-Turkey migrant deal redundant, rights chief says
    The European Union sealed a controversial deal with Turkey on Friday intended to halt illegal migration flows to Europe in return for financial and political rewards for Ankara.
    With Turkey in turmoil, EU migrant deal back under fire
    Migrants and refugees would no longer seek to cross into Greece from Turkey even if the controversial migrant deal between the EU and Ankara ceased to exist, says Europes human rights chief.
    EU-Turkey refugee deal – Q&A | World news | The Guardian
    The EUs migrant swap deal with Turkey risks collapse amid a sharp upsurge of tensions between the two sides, Austrias defence minister has warned.
    European Union–Turkey relations - Wikipedia
    The year-old deal between the EU and Turkey that helped control an unprecedented migration crisis is at risk of collapse amid a diplomatic feud between Ankara and European governments. Turkish officials also complain that the agreement has not delivered promised financial aid fast enough and has