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  3. DealeXtreme - Cool Gadgets at the Right Price - DX Free The Disney/Fox acquisition has officially happened, but according to a new report, it may still be several years before we see the X-Men in the MCU.
    Disney/Fox Deal is Done, But Dont Expect to See X-Men in x deal film XXX (stylized as xXx and pronounced as Triple X) is a 2002 American action film directed by Rob Cohen, produced by Neal H. Moritz and written by Rich Wilkes. The first installment in the XXX film series , the film stars Vin Diesel as Xander Cage, a thrill-seeking extreme sports enthusiast, stuntman and rebellious athlete-turned reluctant spy for the National Security Agency .
    Autism in film: X+Y is audacious - The Guardian Autism in film: X+Y is audacious – but is it cliched or the real deal? In X+Y, a gifted young man prepares for a mathematics contest. Does it, and films like it, misrepresent or empower those
    Mr. X (2015 film) - Wikipedia x deal film The Disney-Fox deal closed on Wednesday, giving Disney ownership over Foxs film studio and many of its television assets.
    Warner Bros Adds Five Films To ScreenX Deal – CinemaCon x deal film Deal is a 2008 poker drama film starring Burt Reynolds, Bret Harrison and Shannon Elizabeth. It follows the former poker player tutoring a younger player (Harrison).
    Deal (2008 film) - Wikipedia x deal film "FUJIFILM X Series" combines traditional styling with cutting edge innovative technology. The line-up will further expand in line with Fujifilms aim that the X series
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